Phantom Petunia

Phantom Petunia

Maybe not so peculiar
this phantom petunia
in purple dark moods, ’cause

a yellow star emerges well
like the sun tells blossoms to shine


Ich wollte jemandem antworten, aber der Server hat nicht funktioniert

Gedanken sind wie “Zebras in einer Giraffenherde” (Stefan Rogal)
Verlangen von der Seele zu schreiben, wäre herrlich. Ich frage mich, was die Sprache der Seele sein würde. Viele Gedankenflitze flackern, bevor sie in eine geschriebene Sprache übersetzt werden können. In der Übersetzung ist viel verloren. Wenn ich könnte, würde ich dir doppelte Freude und halb Leid mit Wein und Schweizer Käse bieten. Ich fürchte, es ist schwierig, auf elegante Weise zu teilen. Ein Toast auf gute Gedanken und Träume vom Stift.

Thoughts are like “zebras in a giraffe herd” (Stefan Rogal)
Desiring to write of the soul would be wonderful. I wonder what the language of the soul would be. Many streams of thought flicker before they can be translated into a written language. In translation, much is lost. If I could, I would offer you double pleasure and half suffering with wine and Swiss cheese. I’m afraid it’s difficult to share in an elegant way. A toast to good thoughts and dreams from the pen.

I thought it would be a shame to waste a translation since I went through the google hell before I realized that the comment box would not work. So that’s the small suffering of wanting to reply to something beyond the “like” click of silence. I don’t know what the server error refers to.

Every Damn Nuance

Every Damn Nuance

Geez, I can’t even use simple words. Even the word “concept” I find is used in Linguistics with a connotation which is totally different from the way I want to use it. So now I suppose I have to coin a new word for what I meant by “concept word”. Ugh, it’s like the dilemma that early mathematicians had: English symbols had too many built in connotations so they had to use Greek letters for equations to avoid confusion. Oh yeah, I never did find out how they teach Calculus in Greece if the main explanatory text is in Greek. Do they use English letters for the equations? Seems like a simple question, but couldn’t find the answer and I suppose it’s too trivial to put much energy into it. I’ll just assume yes and forget it I suppose.

Syndrome Words in Utd’mbts

Naztko who is in “The Blog That Would Destroy the World” tries to explain syndrome words in the Utd’mbts Language. Discusses a word:
[In the insecure person prestige is found from achieving a goal regardless of the methods used and the collateral damage done in the process. Guilt and remorse are suppressed or non-existent.]

The Sapiosexual Blog In Space and In Time

Syndrome Words

A syndrome or yaufohx is a cluster of symptoms or descriptive elements that share a common flavor or meaning, though some with a mere soupçon.

A yaufohx may have nested containers of sub-syndromes or yaufohtx.

Syndrome words usually end with the suffix -xtn. A sub-syndrome ends in -xttn. a sub-sub syndrome ends in -xtw. A third level yaufohtx ends in -xttw.

A pervasive or an insidious characteristic of the yaufohx inheres in all the elements.

An example is the “insecurity syndrome,” or dhviwsaxtn. Many yaufohtx may subsume under this banner. An example for level two is vifzioxttn (need for self-esteem). Within that yaufohx may be several yaufohtx such as nysbdjuwxtw (rationalizing), and ntdiaxtw (the need for power). Within nysbdjuwxtw (rationalizing) may be a level 3 yaufohtx: ihnpexttw (“the ends justify the means.”)


“Dhviwsaxtn vifzioxttn nysbdjuwxtw ihnpexttw.”

— In the insecure person prestige is found from achieving a…

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Linguistic Clues from Mamihlapinatapai For Construction of a New Language

Linguistic Clues from Mamihlapinatapai For Construction of a New Language

    In discussing the poem Mamihlapinatapai, the point I wanted to make about the word Mamihlapinatapai is that words that encompass whole concepts are occasionally used in some languages, but it is not the majority in the extant vocabulary. I think that a language could be constructed that deliberately coins such words, dense in meaning, for most of its expression, rather than with just an occasional accident of history or with a popular story or myth that is an exception to the usual stringing together of less dense words.
    Maybe more on this later. I’m trying to start fresh because I’ve gone down this path before and gotten nowhere. It still feels like a very futile endeavor. With time running out, everything seems like impending doom and catastrophe which it most likely is.

Linguistics and Mamihlapinatapai


We shared a Mamihlapinatapai*,
and then I went to war
thinking of you, when
the slaughter harangued me
with guilt and sorrow for
my dead comrades, but

precious, I will tell you now
how much I’ve wanted you
how much I missed you, and

can we speak out loud now
our scream of love, because

you look so beautiful when
your lips pucker me.

— Douglas Gilbert

*About Mamihlapinatapai
    It’s from an odd language from Tierra del Fuego that I never heard of, but it seems profound.

Fuegian word from Tierra del Fuego below Argentina and Chile
“a look shared by two people, each wishing that the other would initiate something that they both desire but which neither wants to begin.”

“Yaghan (also known as Yamana) is a language isolate of South America, not known to be related to any other living language. It was once spoken in Tierra del Fuego. As of 2011 only one elderly Yamana woman still speaks the language fluently, but one of her granddaughters is working to record, learn and teach the language again. ”
Tierra del Fuego