Well, that’s a mystery link

It’s odd but every once in awhile someone finds a link that I erased a long time ago. I forgot that I posted a bunch of stuff that went nowhere and rather than erase everything, I just stopped listing the link. So I got a report in the WordPress stats that there was 1 view of a particular link. So I looked and the link was still usable. It was an excerpt from “The Blog of the Caveman” which morphed into The Blog That Would Destroy the World . It was when the High Priestess wrote a blog entry. I think she’s pretty good. Well, so part of what I wrote isn’t too bad. I don’t know if I should bother posting it again. It’s sort of X-rated and considering how I’ve been getting into trouble lately I guess I shouldn’t. It’s bad enough that my Facebook entry got rejected for “policy violation” and so I don’t want anymore bad news. Anyway, my books are on Amazon if anyone is really that curious.


Facebook just destroyed my ad

Facebook stopped my ad in the middle of its running because they don’t allow such ads anymore. Geez. Anymore good news? They don’t allow such ads about cryptocurrencies or any mention of them. They don’t allow satire either. And the decisions are all automated. You can only talk to a robot. I answered a message to explain and it turns out that it’s not a real person but an automated response. It’s a self-driving insulting vehicle apparently. I suppose it was doomed to fail anyway. So I’ll just pay for what ran, close down the account and save the rest of the money I was going to spend. I don’t really have a plan B. I think I should stop writing and give up. This is just infinite failure ahead. I should have known as soon as I graduated High School many years ago that I was doomed to fail at all things. It would have been better if I had gotten hit by a truck and died: it would have been less painful than this continuing nothing…

In Theory I Don’t Exist*

(what kind of rope do philosphers in quicksand hold on to?)*

In Theory I Don’t Exist*

She’s read Bertolt Brecht, and
because she knows me
only as an actor on a stage, she

is not permitted by her fealty
to her professors to confess

empathy for me, a
dramatic character

no love for me, because
I am in Afghanistan

and she’s into New York
old chic-to-chic cheeky
old is new play, and
play’s the thing, but

there’s no sense in her
coming here unmindful
to play in a mine field

*”A history of alienation”

Bitcoins Can Crash the Power Grid (Draft 6)

    It had been said that the mining of bitcoins would crash the power grid because their energy consumption is insane, but though I met you in-camera, a tête-à-tête, soul-to-soul, in the chambers of my heart, a court of gestures, jest in clicks, our clique clicked on “Investing In the Extraterrestrial Paintcoin”, we, throbbing in the Amazon together where the rain-forest runs on tears and hope and no electricity and where we pedaled our portable generator to send a last signal to the satellite. There’s a chance for a quick read and the finding of the paintcoin book.

Lucubration (Draft 6)