Lightly Dark

Darkness descends
even into sunny days

dark moods
have no merry
ordinary shadows

dark moods stifle
the daylight casts

Casts play their intrigues
like stevedores who
lose cargo at a dock, where

the doomed wait for freight that’s
frittered to scraps of letters read
on such moody cruises,
happiness overboard,
overdone claimed stakes

uneaten steaks,
smashed chairs, and
washouts only done.

Like a ship on blues
the playful cast is set,
the games rig the sails
though the games are rigged,
cast on stormy seas thus

an ensemble cast is skewed
in moody milieu, and

a darkness
awaits me for
the coup de grâce

— Douglas Gilbert



Traditionally I should say, “Coming SOON to a bookstore near you, the fabulous last in the series: “Gifjapegadoodle Abstracts 3”, but 6-8 weeks after approval appearing on Amazon is not exactly SOON, and I may not do it at all. I may try a private offering to the secret elite only and have no public appearance. I don’t know. I haven’t decided yet. And it’s probably going to have an outrageous price tag…. I think since it’s going to be 0 sales, it might as well be 0% of a very high price rather than 0% of a very low price… It’s all in the prestige and sales of the the bobble dolls, keyrings, and T-shirts and U-shirts, and Z-shirts — super extra-large red only to be used as a table cloth or a matador’s cape.

Blue Salvia by: Dandegirl 

Isn’t this Blue Salvia bloom that’s growing in my front flower bed just gorgeous? I personally think it looks more purple than blue in color though.  Perhaps the name is actually referring to its mood and it’s just been feeling a little down lately.  It’s been a tough summer, ya know? Trying to see the world and grow into something magnificent but unable to move from the Earth its roots have grown strong in.  I suppose it’s best to bloom as beautifully and colorfully as one can in the short season of life that we have, even if we’re a little blue most of the time.