Young Eye

Young Eye

Mary is the eye of the flower,
a bud too young who
looks into the eyes of James saying
to herself, she is old enough for him,
and James to her gives the eye of the storm for one night,
the torment for the day, and
her name has been given to a hurricane
because he was a rogue wave goodbye

A Mérges-mérgező Miklos és Arpad

A Mérges-mérgező Miklos és Arpad

Lehetetlen magyar nyelvű verset írni a Google fordítással? A katasztrófa alig várja. Nézd alább.

Somebody said something about how “poisonous” and “angry” in Hungarian sounded similar. So, I thought, oh, an opportunity for an easy poem. Well, apparently that’s not exactly true, and it’s impossible to write an easy poem in Hungarian using the Google translator. Everything gets all twisted and mixed up. Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t understand it at all. Anyway, I wasted a lot of time doing the below. I should have known better than to try. Now the day is off to a bad start, and I forgot what it is I wanted to do before I got distracted by a stray comment. Maybe I could take the same general ideas and start from scratch in English. Or trash this whole thing.(I’m trying to justify wasted time.)

Beszélgetés közben
A Mérges-mérgező Miklos és Arpad,
mint a kígyók,
injekciózni méreg
míg Igazság egy padon fekszik.

Vár a sztrájkra-ba
a beszélgetésbe.
During conversation
the angry-toxic Miklos and Arpad,
like snakes,
inject poison
while Truth lies on a bench.

One waits for the strike into
the conversation

#Thurds “Zawmb’yee dear…I will kiss your tune lips, because anything goes when I’m slinking down your keyboard, tickling doleful note doodles, plinking your chords…”

#Thurds “Zawmb’yee dear…I will kiss your tune lips, because anything goes when I’m slinking down your keyboard, tickling doleful note doodles, plinking your chords…”

The Blog That Would Destroy the World

[DROWNING IN THE SEALED CHAMBER for #Thurds,’because’] I don’t know why Zawmb’yee thought it would be a good idea to break into the without permission. Doug describes how he met her there. She thought she had learned everything she needed to know to enter without supervision. Doug:

Trapping Oral History


It was really weird early today when I got a phone call from Zawmb’yee. I mean, I see her in the cave all the time and I didn’t think she even uses a phone. She would seem to pop out of nowhere whenever I wrote at the Nipeiskwari. I guess I’ve always thought of her as a cave person even though Utcoozhoo makes her mingle in the up-top world quite often — it’s just that I’ve never seen her there. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised because she can pass quite well as an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, common…

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Doug Is Looking for Love In The Concrete Jungle

The Blog That Would Destroy the World

Oh my gosh, it is not “mere superstition”. We have a tradition of esoteric sophistication and power given to us by the Gods. And I can attest to their powers. Poor, poor, fellow: he has an infatuation with Chlöe


Secret of the Gods

Y’know, despite their claimed sophistication, some of the Ojdispekib don’t want to scientifically examine some of our traditions. They think it is mere superstition and would embarrass them if held up to scrutiny. Utcoozhoo, especially, knows that the late-period migrants to the up-top world are ashamed of our traditions and secrets. So these are not as modern as they think they are — not open minded, not willing to examine all possibilities in an objective way… But I’m annoyed that Utcoozhoo allows their ridicule and doesn’t debate with them, and will not reveal the secret of the Gods that would astound them. They in their…

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Some people encouraged Doug to begin the destruction of the world

The Blog That Would Destroy the World

I am Naztko, and I worry.

I had seen that Utcoozhoo had encouraged Doug to write a blog, but even he saw that it would lead to disaster and so Doug began this way:

Some would prefer to say poetry will end the world, but no rhyme will stick to the face of time. Lachrymal vicissitudes, slipping on plates of passion, are insufficient to generate terminal earthquakes.

No, it is this blog that will end life on the surface of the Earth with a recipe for pizza and virginity. No, it is not the High Priestess alone who will do it. Many creatures do play their part to stage a farce, leaping in multiplicity, dark in mind.

True, every seminal blog in the universe begins as a joke. Few end with dessert.

I had heard I should do something bloggy on the Internet if I were going to fit into…

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