For Useni And Morgan Zimbabwe Cries

I had a nightmare.
Mugabe could not

Mugabe came with clubs
for poor Useni my friend
who had walked with canes
to vote for Patrick Chitaka
and Morgan Tsvangirai

Saw a red cloud, as
a storm brewed, brooding
Useni in the sky,
eyes on Morgan

Billy clubs rained, the
reign of Mugabe came
blood again, a bluster
of thunder

For the peace of revenge
we had cheered when
Mugabe thugs killed
white colonialists
seized their
farms, pieced into plots

Little food growing in sin
blood rained on our land,
a billion dollars
for inflated bread

Thought I saw
Useni in a mist
with Morgan, Patrick
and Martin

I had a dream.
—- Douglas Gilbert
(Henry Le Châtelier)

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