Wood Would Know

She’s commin’
in the rain, ’cause
she remembers,
dares to end
this game; there
can’t be a hangin’
to blow away a soul

Cross to no one,
I’ve been prayin’
a witness
saw me saw wood
way across the hay
by the hardware store

couldn’t be here
stabbing a man like
it’s been said,
even if I would
want that devil dead

Through all my hard knocks
I stayed sane
and could never be mean–
can’t hang me on the hardwood tree
’cause she’s comin’ in the rain

She’s gonna testify she heard me
saw wood to build a gallows;
that blind girl knows my trouble
remembrance not crying very much,
but if she cries today for me
my end I wouldn’t know,
’cause she’s comin’ in the rain
—- Douglas Gilbert
(Henry Le Châtelier)

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