Ooops. Who Wrote That (Draft 1)

Who Wrote That?

our weather computer model
is wrong again,

But anyway
we don’t care…

Destroy West Virginia
or any state with a coal mine
because there’s Global Warming.

Destroy the Keystone pipeline
because there’s a chic stone
like a Blarney Stone:

Hollywood experts
know best, and I remember how

Robert Young in “Father Knows Best”
became “Marcus Welby, M.D.”, and a
damn pompous arrogant creep in

one episode where he saw
an old friend of his in the hospital:

He said, “What are you
doing in the CHARITY WARD?”

Condescending creep:
I hated him for that.
He scolded his friend for what?

Hollywood: they scold
from ignorance.

Despite what they claim,
they have no compassion, unless
someone agrees with them.

we’re just actors:
we play the role
of a scientist
of a politician
of a human

Are they?

Dr. Roy Spencer
Blarney Stone

— Douglas Gilbert