When the Day Seems Light

When the Day Seems Light

It is interesting that many words are seen only in the negative to such a point that one would think that the positive form of the word in isolation doesn’t exist. I’ve seen the word “unseemly” often but rarely “seemly” and then only with a “not” attached. It was very odd even when I searched for a definition. Even the sample sentence was negative: “I felt it was not seemly to observe too closely”, and Merriam-Webster sample: “it would not be seemly to use the memorial service as a forum for your political views. But anyway, I’ve determined that it is indeed legitimate to use “seemly” by itself. But it still seems strange by itself.
    When the Day Seems Light

The seams of a seemly day are stitched with grace
to clothe the man who wears an air of heir apparent,
a breezy heritage
a handsome endowment

his sunny disposition may yet warm
to the heritage of caring, if

a decorous wardrobe
includes a raincoat

and each person he sees
is a drop of wonder that
he hears as a pitter-thither
and not a patter palaver