When Nightmares Fade

When Nightmares Fade

screaming in my dreams,
startled to wake up trite

Sadness, and
screaming in my dreams.
Used to study them
write them down, contrite.

But we, sad people who
have done no wrong
have wild incoherent
flying symbols in our dreams.

There is a secret bird
who flies, and
won’t speak

Screaming in my dreams,
startled to wake up

I really do
want to embrace
those tender élan vitals, but
soul-mates in the shadows of regret
are trying to earn a tan
every year when
redemption summer returns,
hot beached grit, and
ground shells

Sadness and screaming in my dreams,

Who is she
who will speak the truth

Who is she
who will hug me, and

make every dream
reflections of her love:
joy to wake
in the ripples of her heart,
her pool of love
an easy swim

Sadness a distant mountain
laughter in my dreams
joy to wake singing, because

she tells me her dreams
and I understand
—Douglas Gilbert