When Cats Chat

An article of faith

I put aside my marinated artichoke hearts,
not even noticing my elegant tart on a dish,
went to the computer, made in type the
nuanced language of kisses delayed, an art:
“My sweetheart, my love, can we have a chat?”

“… hard to love and independent,
like you, and I know I meant
tu as un cœur d’artichaut”

“I’m not in the mood for artichokes.
I’d rather have a chat and joke.”

“I don’t think so. You’d
sooner have un chien.”

“No. Dogs don’t talk to you.”

“Oui, mais ils sont loyaux, et
tu as un cœur d’artichaut.”

“I’ll throw it away
just for you, and
je t’aime.”

“You’ll throw your heart away
and be un chat?

“A UN chat? Yes, then
let’s meet at the UN.”

*tu as un cœur d’artichaut — you fall in love too easily
(You have an artichoke’s heart)
    un chat — a cat

— Douglas Gilbert