Poetry About Iran by Douglas Gilbert, “When An Ayatollah Is A Farsi Farce”

When An Ayatollah Is A Farsi Farce

Not Arabs or Christians
in forgiveness,
the Sufi masters ask
can the Persians
go as far as China
to Tehranamen Square
where birds of an Imam
fornicate without human members
pecking the neck of freedom
laying eggs

Virgins mock these
eunuchs of passionate morality
an afterbirth without soul
tyrannical protrusions spewing
the sperm of devils
unworthy of freedom’s child

Everyone agrees:
Ali Khamenei is
suitable for clerical work
a cobbler who carefully
engraves scripture
on shoes and tombstones
walks in muddy sins,
footprints without moccasins
mocking Ahmadinejad
his wooden puppet