Well-wishing Coins in the Fountain (Draft huh?)

Wishing Coins in the Fountain

Well-Wishing Coins in the Fountain (Draft who knows ( can’t remember when I last worked on this from nowhere)(Waiting For The Moon (Draft 2)[I Want to Feel As If I ever Mattered (Draft 2) )

I buy my songs about ping-pong love
with a ding-dong coin in the wishing well

I’d love to buy you a love song
if the fountain conspiracy would
charge me as a friend of yours, and
give me a melody I could sing
for your chorus, and for your
verse of call and response

I know how much you listen
know how much you care.

There’d be music they’d
ask me to verify for you

and I’d be a musical reference for you and me
because I have sighed so many times, and

wanted to revive in the fields of you

so much wanted to grow

so much wanted to know
why you were over there

and I was over here

seems like there’d be music
if the Sun would dance with the Moon,

but if they can’t download me
I will touch you on the shoulder


— Douglas Gilbert