Poems About Hurricane Irene, ” Walking Near The River “

Walking Near The River

This cane ain’t gonna walk me far out
’cause my mortgage is underwater
and so is my house, a drowning house
that’s washed under and over the
splintered bridge in the trees down
around every tangled timber, twisted limb
far from where I was born

Everyone’s been drowning and
wish it were me, ’cause
this old cane can’t carry me home
to West Virgina (just kidding) —
have to sing awhile you know
’cause old cane and me
we’re old stick-in-the-muds
and it can’t carry me home
Sweet Chariot (just kidding maybe)
but I have to sing awhile, ’cause
my home is underwater
like my mortgage and my wife

Seems everyone’s been drowning but me
I sing, ’cause I swing low
like a stick-in-the-mud
up a river of lost bridges and twisted limbs
—Douglas Gilbert