Trust Is In the Eyes of the Crier

Who Do I Trust

I don’t know what to do, who to trust, and
I don’t even trust myself. Look at

the mess I’ve made. Maybe Naztko
is an honorable man, but maybe
he’s wicked like me
and I am so sorry
I killed my Father
the traitor, but
there are many flavors
of betrayal

Naztko has joined
in the dishonorable
art of politics now.

He was more knowable
when he stuck to his little sacred corner,
guarding our heritage with confidence. Now

he is uncertain, doesn’t know who the true gods are,
doesn’t know what his duties for destiny are.

His faith in tradition is shattered, but
as an honorable man, he wants to cling
to his tradition and faith because
so powerful was the love
of his Mother who was magic, and
held in her heart many magic things
just for the love of him, because
the lioness must save her cub.

— Zawmb’yee Nuje

If I can’t get my dawn normal formatting from afar I will be justified in ending my self. Why should this be such a problem. Oh hell. Why express any point?