China Attacks Dalai Lama, Poems About Tibet, ” To Conquer Is To Float “

To Conquer Is To Float

Ref: China Attacks Dalai Lama

To Conquer Is To Float

There is a split with heaven like
splinters in the floor of the ocean

The tsunami of Han Chinese rise;
yet, a glorious ignorance
enlightens floating corpses
in the mountains of Tibet

Worry for the victor
who reigns on mountains:
the tears of rivers
overflowing with
Tibetan spirits

Does the wave
claim to be grounded in honor
if it destroys

Can it split mountains
and not be in the crack of Hell

Vicious are victors
afraid of ghosts

There is a Lama in the house
and a question of where
rain reigns, where
a split with heaven will

let tyrants name themselves
gods at roll call, let little names
be engraved on their tombstones

let dragons be afraid of
ghosts flooding graveyards, spirits
doing splits and acrobatics, afraid of
death and

legs of two worlds splayed across lost faces
spirits sitting on victors ingloriously soiled

— Douglas Gilbert