The Lamb Is Evil (Draft 1)

My Dead Family Doesn’t Believe in Religion

There are no moderates
when you kill my family for the prophet.

You have no honor, and your Book is a lie.

When the religious one broke into my full house
where we had a party, and
shot my child dead and every one else, I

did not mourn killing him
with a club I found, and
an instinct to hammer
him dead, and
strike him with a knife

and I found a chair to throw
and I found every weapon
I could throw, and
I held his dead body, until
the police put tape around
all my dear known friends
and I wanted to touch them
to make them come alive

because I knew them
I knew them
and my family was dead
for ideology

and now let me kill the radicals

I have another knife

Let me do it again and again….

No, go away police
I will stab him again
I will tear him apart,
in so many ways
I will kill him.

Oh I hate them so much.
Give me the breath to strangle each and every
without a trial

I can’t believe these murders

Don’t tell me
don’t tell me.

I will kill them all

Don’t tell me about mercy
or culture or religion.

This is not culture.
These are animals.
And I don’t want to hear about “moderates”.

— Douglas Gilbert