Take Me Kindly

Take Me Kindly

Oh God, who will
save me now
when I have blown
myself away
with fried chatter-brains
and I have no liver, or

Oh God, when they
ridiculed me, You
forsaked me, and I
had to kill them all.

Digging for me is
an arduous chore

but I’ve decided
to be grave
without gravitas.

I like this meadow
that no one
would choose for me.

I take with me
a pocket full of seeds

and I lay myself out
in this hole I’ve dug.

I’ve rigged a dumpster
of dirt with a rope

so I can pull down
my burial.

I plant myself, and
I know you condemn me
for my failures, but

you pompous ones,
there is a certain pleasure
that I will meet you in hell

and you will be much greater
than I in crimes.

Oh hell.
Maybe you could explain it
again, and maybe I
could love you.

— Douglas Gilbert