Spiders Running Wild (Draft 1)

Spiders Running Wild

When a spider runs up your shirt, babe
he’s probably not looking at your breast
as food or entertainment, but

I’ll crush him if I must, because
I must be brave, and I
hate your screams

It doesn’t seem like
he’s very modest
on his journey to
catch a fly, but

I sort of understand a little
because I’m very modest
on my journey to
explore you, though

I don’t have a web,
just a silk dress for you
and a bracelet

Maybe we’re sticky
in a net yet, but
if there’s any web
it’s a trampoline

And why can’t
we bounce a few times

’cause unlike the spider
I can see your boobs
when you jump, and
I feel like an insider, though

sometimes I’d rather
span the breast of
your love and heart

than scare you
with the net of marriage
but I so much know

how you’d be
such a great mother
of me and my child

so anyway
don’t be afraid

I am here always, and
I have a crush.

— Douglas Gilbert