The Casual Tourist in Tibet Can Find an Approved Orange and a Poem, “She Is A Backward Mountain Who Writes Letters”

She Is A Backward Mountain Who Writes Letters

Even in a backward world
there are camels without humps
worlds missing an L, and she

writes ads for now for trade at
the center of the Mandarin world
pealing the backward bell of corruption
a loose rind peeled from sweet slices to sell
amidst lies, appealing perhaps in a closed world, but

even nah people will imagine tebiT children not tepid
but on fire like the alternate backward child aborted
missing the hump-back of whales, some sort of
chimera, the she-goat of divine-atheist party joke,
will imagine it when trade makes them rich enough to read, or

will imagine other alternate llama missing an
L-spout about doubt, reincarnated hope
in an ad for wine and spirits paid
as if these were as profound as the
spirit of the dead, as if the dead were
dead voice whiskey in
the haunting of the evil party who
will ultimately suffer their ignorance
when conformance to the match is scratched
in the gas of the Gaslighting nah guys
whose exploding girlfriends seem to bet that
one day, one child will climb for mountain prayers
pronounced like the prefix Ti abetting
the setting of the sun and the Tao of the Jinn
who reads open letters when an n is missing, and
doesn’t know who is Hu

— Douglas Gilbert

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