Royal Canaries

Royal Canaries

Royal Canaries
    by Douglas Gilbert

The Royal Court would
mine for canary gold
when it needed time, art
and gesticulation.

The royal canaries
were an eyeful
like Court Jesters
hiding drawings in a cave

Because the girls in yellow
were a clear draw, they
drew villains into view as
playful warnings flew, earful
caveats to patriots who
made strategic retreats

They feigned to be flighty, stylish
feather boas about their necks, and
swung those long ends like
pendulums in time, but while
erupting in mirth, those
chirruping cherubs drew attentions.

The scoundrels rested until
drunk from a banquet, and
light lit the sills of silliness.

Reinforcements assembled in the woods,
drew up their plans and breath, and
slaughtered all villains with a laugh,
just in time for jest.