Poetry About Iran, ” Qods Day In Iran Undone “

Qods Day Undone

Every bird must
seize the wind while
all the tea is hot
and all the people stir

I dreamed I had feathers
felt breezes in Tabriz, and
saw government slogans
were like spit into the wind,
didn’t want to banter with chanters, though
I led chirps to life to music
took flight
into freedom
to lift away from history’s grip

Seize the whirlwind leaves of death
for rage of tears can brew the peoples’ tea

I dreamed I had feathers
read tea leaves in Rasht where
there are worms that make the silk for emperors
though emperors are worms themselves,
tasty for a bird to chew.

A bird can fly even
away from Tehran,
over the holy and
into a tea house,
flying lessons its gift

—Douglas Gilbert

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