Snerd Lee Limbaugh, Poet Laureate to the world

World’s Only Poet Laureate

The ugly world has leaders
trained at Harvard, Yale, and Oxford
dictators and democrats
native born and foreign

Chaos thanks all laureates
as does Bacchus,
the Devil, and Poetesses in waiting

Let the poem have horns
sour lemonade
dilemmas, Sturm und Drang

The poetess asks me to
rhyme with orgasm
thrust a rhythm
ejaculate a verse for
Motherhood, honor, and
a professorship at Oxford, but

I am poet laureate
by default because
the fault is with the Stars
and with Brutus Cabals
in a brutal world
made by elites who
are rich by gold
poor by morals
educated by parties
who fail to see
the poets on the street
banks of angst
derivatives of glory
with interest
— Snerd Lee Limbaugh