Pesce Palla

Pesce Palla (Puffer Fish)

Senza squame o le scale musicali,
lei non canta in una chiave particolare;
Lei, la donna capricciosa, gonfia solo su petto e
lei lancia i suoi capelli spike-simile la parte posteriore.

Lei è adorabile, ma lei mangia vongole e cozze e
lei vi darà il disegno di legge o
forse lei vi sfiderà a fugu in un ristorante giapponese.

ma se,
non le piace di voi,
La donna sa dove i cuochi dilettanti sono.

I tried using Google translate to translate my English “Pufferfish” poem into Italian. So to check on it I took the given Italian translation and translated that back to English and it made no sense. So I changed the English a little and translated bits and pieces that were nonsensical and pasted them back in and tried again. I got an unknown Italian version of my scrabbled pieces and so I translated that back to English — better but not exactly understandable or sensible in English. So I did the process again: back and forth. So maybe this means something.

Translation from Google:

Without scales or the musical scales,
She does not sing in a particular key;
She, capricious woman, swells only on the chest and
she tosses her spike-like hair back.

She is adorable, but she eats clams and mussels and
she will give you the bill or
maybe she will challenge you to fugu in a Japanese restaurant.

but if,
she does not like you,
The woman knows where amateur cooks are.

— Douglas Gilbert