Poems About Iran by Douglas Gilbert, ” Persian Girl Away In Ireland “

Persian Girl Away In Ireland

A gentle voice is floating around ethereal
from doom to dune and in the dusty sky,
the summer’s gone and all the grave are crying
my only child
must go
and I must hide

but bring me back an Irish four-leaf clover
from all my friends who’ve known a sorrow too
for it is I who’s here on slopes of mountains
on Caspian beech I lean to wave my love to you

But arrive you may when all the fish are dying
from sea of green and in Caspian Sea
and if I’m dead, as shot by beech or elm tree
you’ll place a wreath of clover adrift the sea

and drink the wine forbidden with some caviar
your Irish friends will make a wake for me.
If love can skip a stone above Caspian
your love for me will not be any blasphemy

I’ll save my love for you until
you are
with me

—Douglas Gilbert

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