Only Crush Me 2

Crushed I am grapeful, but
mirror me not
lest you ferment troubles
be drunk in sorrow

For me be
high in memories
take my joy
like wings to heaven
though reluctantly
I will open your cage of Earth
and in your wake
I will sing like a
blue canary with trumpets
for feathers
showy wet eyes to the sky
looking past secret loneliness
to give you
freedom in heaven

Only crush me
before you go

In this fear full cup of your elixir,
in the spoon splashes I make
stirring your medicine,
I bleery, blurry-eyed peer into fluid depths
seeing you before all sickness
dragging me onto the merry-go-round
you saying it’s not just for children
just be young forever with me
for I will put that laugh of yours
I love so much in a jar
like a firefly, and
in my precious journal of joy
I press flat my saving leaves
near your butterfly kisses
engraved in the pages, you said,
but I am a charlatan unworthy server
because this sadness spilling can’t save you
my only love

I’d be your drink
if I could squeeze salvation
from the fruit of our love;
let me be a grape
that I’d be crushed
for you to drink me well
—- Douglas Gilbert

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