Nothing Special (Draft, like you know, 1, sort of, or whatever)

Nothing Special To Say About Like You Know (Draft, like 1, sort of)

Damn yeah, I know

Like, you’re not
saying anything

You know, y’know,
the solar flare is coming

While you’re in sequestration
I’m taking a siesta, ’cause

you never bothered to explain
in the detail of a relationship
with what you think
is verbosity but is just
the articulation of fun
if you’d take the time
y’know with your naked ears
and hands free from texting

But whatever,
the solar flare is coming,
and the end of the world
technically, with a shutdown
of all electrical devices

So, so, so?
I guess you didn’t notice
I’ve long gone to the bunker
with Alice

Ha! Whatever.

— Douglas Gilbert