Mum Is Not The Word

Mum Is Not The Word (Draft 3)

I will keep my word;
for myself I hold it in

I keep this necessary
treachery word
to myself and

I keep treachery, for
I am the true King

Ancient legacies, enforced
by witching powers and magic,
like Chrysanthemums are
late to bloom, easy to flower

Mum is a mere word
treachery is mine to do.

An empire will arise, and
loyalty will be spoken.
Traitors to me, to my word
will be slaughtered. I

rise in the glory of my word —
let others be mute and mum, for
they have their word, and
I have mine

I will keep my word
for myself alone

Obey me
and keep your mum

perfidy and
you die.

— Douglas Gilbert