Poems about Iran by Douglas Gilbert, ” A Mother Speaks Out “

A Mother Speaks Out by “Amy”*

In mourning,
this morning
between the orange sunrise
and the blue of infinity
I see the green waving at me
a rolling dawn daunting,
flaunting the promises,
many days to rain
to dry the face
running through the streets of mourning, and
trying to face the night alone

Something this night is too bright
a light saturates my being
with a horrible gnosis
but I listen in awe
to illuminated silence

How will I tell
what everyone knows
about the silence
where an essence exists

I am swollen with sad joy
and veracity must be born

I seem near term
to let be heard the cry
of freedom, a new child.

How will I tell
what everyone knows?

I would ask my brother
who is of higher rank
to speak for me
but he is dead

My elder son
has marched, been raped in jail
but he is mute, broken,
trembling, hurt, and ashamed
in bed all day crying, “Mommy,” and
I can not comfort him.

I will tell
what everyone knows:

There’s an evil godless man
who’s been running our Iran
and we’re running by the Sea of Green
to reach the hand of God

* “Amy” is fictitious, used just to establish a female narrator for the poem
— by Douglas Gilbert

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