The Media and the Weather

Spirited debate. The
medium, Amy, conjures
a squealing pig of truth
intelligent, but
tasty to eat, consume

Amy’s nonsense grease can reach
an Éminence Grise, grease
Machiavellian wheels
to silence slogan squeaks:
nonce words,
the pompous apparent airs
fitting the bill due for
lodging foreclosed
taking on airs,
a billet-doux of optimism

Séance sounds. The
medium, Amy, squeals in airs
hears the spirits of
Ché, Hugo, and Barry

A candle is lit to be blown.
Sprinkles on a cake to be had.
Caesar is nonpareil,
or not Ayers, or not
up in the air
with the weather winds
—Douglas Gilbert
~~ ~~ THE MUSE WOULD OFTEN SAY, it feels like a je ne sais quoi style of poetry, but my Socrates the Plumber always murmurs, “Ubemuwx!” (that’s not exactly it).

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