The Lures of Pollen (Draft 2)

The Lures of Pollen (Draft 2)

The distribution of pollen
is a glorious mandate
done through airs and trickery

The nectar and the sticky
no carrots and no sticks, but

there is a new kind of orchid
that doesn’t just
trap insects so they
brush on pollen, but this orchid

catches cats just for the fun of it,
toys with them and then this
orchid eats them for lunch
like a Venus Fly Trap, but it is
much stickier, much bigger — in fact,
some have grown the size of the “corpse flower”.

Yes, I have heard the “Symphony of Sneezes” and
the “Fog of Pollen Is More Yellow Than the Sun,”
but I’ve never heard Puccini’s “Missing Cats”
performed in public alas, so

be grateful that pollen is only up your nose,
and you’re not required to roll in it like
a cat does in catnip

— Douglas Gilbert