Long Lane (Draft 0)

Long Lane (Draft 0)

Gave you a turquoise gem on a chain.
Remember I tried, but

can we stroll the long lane ahead
in ol’ Harlem like a thread unread,
a bare potent thing unsaid, yeah
seems like sadness’s
gonna get me again.

Oh tell me that you’d
walk along with me, ’cause
there’s a math to a we-step, and
applause in a theater left behind, oh yeah

give me your turquoise memories’ count
and we’ll sing the best blues for Apollo

the gospel has a theater for us
where we count our blessings
and shout hallelujah
like we used tah, ’cause

the alpha dog don’t
need no gods
but only you
and the One for us.

I think we could sing
a little bit syncopated
and He won’t mind
hallelujah, if we rock

and roll out the carpet
like the Stars are marching
and we’ve got a righteous number.

You have your high-heel shoes,
your red dress, baby, and
I have my moccasins to walk a mile, uh
well less, down 125th Street
with a ghost of James and turquoise

— Douglas Gilbert