Poem ” Leftovers ” with gif animation

Leftovers in Penn Station

I harvest the coins on

dream trees you leave

to me discarded

alone in

dark fields of grainy visions

In a night of loose change

half a Washington, or his quarter

would spare me,

an honest failure, the

vomit of recitation:

working hard for former wives

and the progeny of broken diaphragms

betrayed as though enemy or jinx by

those traitors, those devils plotting,

betrayed by an accident, a pneumonia

falling off the Bridge,

tragic like your nightmares,

(knives missing from your kitchen)

the ones I live out for you.  For a dollar

I’ll give you sweet dreams

and my worthless blessing.  In return

feign respect for me

that I may pretend

I’m worth a dollar dollop

of a meat and potato pancake

covered with apple grateful sauce or

this night watch your dreams carefully

for my nightmares.