Leap (Draft 1)

Leap (Draft 1)

[So now I have lots of first drafts and no finish… maybe something will consolidate…]
So lonely is my fish bowl
and the circle of the swim
is limited to me wondering.

I leap where I can not breathe
because my love calls

Into an outer space
with faith I find a puddle

My love calls
and I leap for freedom
fall into a container of salvation
bottled water on a god’s truck
journey to the sea

When the ocean is near
I leap into a universe of water

I can breathe at last
in an endless sea
where she waits
to swim with me

I dance because intertwined
there is a school of spirals here
and we are so fluid in
currents of endless twist
and freedom hugs us
for just a moment, for
it would not restrict
a gurgle of joy in a
confluence of love

— Douglas Gilbert