Laborr Day (Draft 1)

Laborr Day(Draft 1)

Laborr Day is April 5th
to honor those who work on Labor Day.

For some
there is no paid day off
nor double-time pay

Just an ordinary table to serve,
a routine catastrophe
the mopping of the blood

For many in the foreground of Labor Day
rushing around to savor the
collective sigh of a long weekend,
the background is invisible or a
shade in the shadow of a multi-tasking world
where divided attention is shallow and uncaring
a curiosity to notice the ants emerging from the nest:
struggle, defend, fight to carry the large burden, where
giants, at best, will ignore, and at worst, crush

So all the restaurant workers will run off
with their family and friends to celebrate
and at last be served respect, but

April 6th is B-Labor day for
those who work on Laborr Day

Nice to see them in the foreground
to rush around on a day off to
belabor a point, but then

a child is born, and despite the
off-season, everyone cheers
belated Merry Christmas, because

there are miracles beyond a
particular day, and

April 7th is C-Labor day for
those who work on B-Labor Day, and

heaven knows there is a
special place for those
who work on Z-Labor Day
because they serve miracles gladly
and rejoice when the grasshopper
is no longer hungry for folly
and the lion lies down with the lamb

But many have proposed that
Laborr Day shall be April 1st.

— Douglas Gilbert