Guest Poet : Ali Khamenei , Supreme Leader , ” Zuccotti Park “

Zuccotti Park

by Ali Khamenei{NOTES:
Quds — Elite secret force of the Revolutionary Guards who have been implicated in a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador.
To chew the cud — to ponder; to ruminate
trãnches — ‘slices’ of the loans promised to Greece to bail them out
Zoomancotti — reference to Zuccotti Park: a park near Wall Street. Pun on: boycott, manicotti, the sound of ‘Zu’ is zoo}

We do not chew our Quds
nor cower under threats and myths, for

All the West can ruminate with dread
the writing on the wall street door, can
feel the trãnches haunting all the E.U.-theists, can
have their thoughts pre-occupied with
evil bonds and
Zoomancotti Park, but

we’ll beat all plowshares into holy swords.
Capitalist ink will
spill out from red pens, and
there is no verse, but
what is Written Large in the end:
our Persian imprimatur on the world’s lament