This is going to be slow (In Situ)

People who live in vitro
shouldn’t throw stones if
they want to be left alone
to sit in situ by a fireplace
with wine in vitro

I trying to start up my “Syndrome” word project. But I have to find a new way to approach it. The last time I managed to totally confuse myself. I’m going to try reading my Maslow book again and maybe this time take short notes and try to reformulate it for my own purposes. I made one interesting note about how he talks about in situ knowledge versus in vitro studies and uses the example of how dissecting a heart outside the body yields limited information that gives very narrow points-of-view compared to studying the living heart in a living body with all the other organs functioning. He uses the analogy for psychology and personality studies, i.e., isolated symptoms do not give a complete picture of a person’s life and motivations. The symptoms are the in vitro point-of-view. And I think that the same analogy can be used in economics with static vs. dynamic analysis — the living economy behaves differently from the static numbers for a given day the in vitro view. This seems like a good way to start explaining another Utd’mbts word. Well, I’m already getting to being fatigued and lost. At this rate, it’ll take forever.