“If I Would Kiss Your Day” by Zawmb’yee Nuje

If I Would Kiss Your Day

If you would let me
make kisses, and
seize the rhythm
of your smile
of your daily compassion
to the streets of us
when you wander, then
I’d comfort you
in my wonder, but
when your face changes
for me, carefully

I watch you watch me, and I
make kisses on your thoughts
where you love the world and me.

I want to think of you only, because
you have me, and
I have you.

— Zawmbyee Nuje, despite your damn crappy horrible people who wouldn’t let me post on my own even though I’m an authorized contributor and administrator.

I hate intensely these new changes that screw up everything. I am an authorized administrator but I have to do all these jumps and spins for what little will never mean anything. It’s all for nothing anyway. A struggle to post a last dying gasp.