How To Write A Poem, Method 00

Here is one way to write a poem. It is illustrated with four pictures of scrap notes followed by the final text.

Baking Apples

Wind storms through orchards
mocking calm branches
left a bird frantic,
fruit on the ground

She hasn’t stopped singing
this mockingbird
who mocks the calm, my thoughts
seems searching for a perch
a mate, perhaps, like I
seek Cindy, yes

I will learn the mockingbird song
before the next storm, so birdie luck
will perch a finger, and

I will storm home
like the shocking bird,
my Cindy electric and flighty
—- Douglas Gilbert
   Well, maybe it’s not my best poem, but it’s the only one where I saved enough scrap notes to show how I worked on it. You might be able to do something similar and carry it along to a better ending. You never know until you try.