Good Dry Luck

Another day of drought
shallow is the water
soaring vultures wait

Smothered in hot air
my sweat beads

Lost in languid sensation
I rest hot for
a cloud not gloomy

But I must leave
the dregs of my home
my poor shallow lake
where we once swam
a swan and a duck
in love

We thought
in simplicity
love is enough, but

Sinking are dreams
in shallow waters
mud sucked

Before I go I walk
the lake bed
now dry

I find the ring
you lost in swimming

It says,
“you are my serendipity,
meet me at
the oasis of luck”

I have a camel to travel.
The creature and I
spit our good-byes, for
I know, my love
you wait at the oasis
—- Douglas Gilbert
(Henry Le Châtelier)

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