Funerals May Be Cant

After the funeral,
everyone lined up to
make a pre-emptive strike

some by phone
some by horse
(not really but
it sounds more poetic)

one-by-one, they said
(before I could say anything)
we’re having financial problems

I didn’t ask for excrement, and
only the poorest relative
offered help without prompting

They all said
you can do this
apply for that
do that

What about writing?
“It’s not happening
” ’cause you’re an *******”
******* Idiot

In grammar they say:
there’s a difference between
“can” and “may”, and
they should say that
you may do this,
you may do that,
you may give up all dignity
or you may guarantee
mind numbing
spiraling depression
in the midst of what
they’d call insignificant
the worker ant is strong
the worker ant is mindless

you may do this
you may do that.
I can’t.
I am unable to live.