Guest Poet, Margaret Novak: “Fluffy Is The Day” (tentative title)

Fluffy Is The Day

I roam with you, take your hand
desire in my inner thighs has me
sighing by the fountain. Splash my soul,

Honey-Sweet with liquid soul
that flows from the mountain
into the pool of my melt

I give you my inner thigh; lend me
your inner tongue
that speaks the truth
of our mandalas seen

touching the sky and I am in the clouds. Be
fluffy my love but bare
your bear too in your thunder, and

I will rain on you
as sure as we are stormy together
in the swirls that dance us to heaven.

A lightning kiss gives spark to this day
with kindle on the ground. Can you
land us and make fire?

I know you can. Laugh with me
in this last flickering day to cook, to feast
until we are sated to talk, to sing our opera. Ha!

— Margaret Novak