The Fire of the New Bhutan

Glory to Bhutan
last Buddhist Kingdom,
you honor the world by
preserving your heritage

Skillful diplomacy,
politeness to India,
has buffered
the titans of super power

Chinese hordes have
overrun Tibet
not Bhutan

The dragon fires
have not allowed
such cruelty

Celebrating the vote of freedom,
remember to bless and teach
allies and opponents
to love the country
more than ambition,
to serve the people,
save the idealists
from the jackals
who hijack
young democracies
with the orderly slogans
of Stalin and Mao.

Allow every fool to debate.
Laughter will sort it all out.

Honor the King
with a revolution of joy.

Let the winners be humble, let them
consolidate the humility they left
in pieces to campaign, let them

remember a silent love,
a unity of family,
to forgive and rejoice,
begin honorably

Sunrise and rain. Let

even corrupt winners see
the rainbow, embracing the joy
their family will endow,
if they will share
in the magnificence of birth
—- Douglas Gilbert
(Henry Le Châtelier)

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