DON’T MAKE NO DAMN TREATY by “Diane” (Draft 1)

Don’t Make No Damn Treaty

by “Diane”
Do I have an angel
to support me, when

my husband is a duel citizen, and
America will not support him?

Give me a gun and a plane
and I will go get him, and

I, with a will of conscience
will exterminate evil
with a knife or a bomb.

You congressional jerks,
give me me my life back, and
honor the patriotism of my husband.

I will walk up to the despot with a knife
and stab him up under the rib cage, and
then I will apologize, and I

will sing the politically correct
a song for the downtrodden
you exploit for fame and money.

I will gladly give you a ribbon
and a glorious medal if

you can bring my husband home, and I
remind you that your underdog-cause célèbre
who kills innocent women and children
with suicide bombs is a mad dog in
the worst meaning of the cliché.

Hell knows you are culpable, and
don’t pretend to pray anymore
for the cameras and media.

The devil of your detail
condemns you to Hell for
turning away.

Many are doomed
and you too.

— Douglas Gilbert