Dog Day Trader Under The Moonlight In New York

Romantic without rules
floating the East River bonds,
delightful Fannie Mae moonlight

Liberty Lady take advantage of me
(vice versa) cheaply
kiss my derivative
for the Brooklyn Bridge

Love my bridge to the derivatives.
A mortgage is a thing of beauty.

Although I think you’ve always known
I’m a traitor on the street
on the prowl to trade
a pick-up line,
my precious gift

After I love you in the morning
the price of love rises
like a stock

Honey I told you I’m a day trader:
when my pleasure profits rise
pumping the price up high,
I’m gonna sell you out
before the bubble bursts, and
I told you to
take no stock in me.
Get out of bed, you’ve
had your bribe, ’cause

it’s not my default, and
I’m too big to fail
—- Douglas Gilbert
(Henry Le Châtelier)

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