Dead Renters

Has anyone seen my doll,
seeing my doll?

She left her scarf.
Is she coming back?

I heard that
the standard model
has a one to 32 scale

Her doll has blue eyes —
is 1.9375 inches tall…

Has anyone seen my girl
seeing my girl:
cute five foot two;
check out her model likeness

Well, she left me, and
I left myself cold.

Though I don’t suppose
she’d want a dead person now
who’s doing a last negotiation
about the rent they won’t accept
when a main tenant is dead…
and the family is not good enough
and a living member residing there
has sent a check unaccepted.

But a second corpse doesn’t need an apartment,
does it? Just a little mood music
with a signature for four-four time
in the Key of C, or

it could haunt an ATM, and
withdraw some cash
to bring to the rental office.

The ghost could appear,
and say, “Don’t be afraid
“Deposit this please.”

It would be I suppose
what they call “Gallows humor.”

When a body occupies an apartment
it should pay rent even if
they don’t want it

With a little poltergeist activity
blood could be left on the table
as a signature in blood

“The new lease is signed
“Now leave us alone, or
“we’ll haunt you at home.
“Tell no one and comply”

And the Ghost would sing the song:
“whenever I feel morose
I whistle a happy tune…
Has anyone seen my girl:
five foot and two timer.”
The agent is confused and
makes a nervous laugh.

It’ll be a while before anyone
notices the smell:
sort of like formaldehyde,
sweet pork and dead flowers
in vomit and in excrement

It’s hanging from a noose
with a doll and a scarf
on the floor, and with
an ATM receipt.