Brainwash Makes Soap So Pure Like Rain (Draft 2)

Brainwash Every Child For Us

[Brainwash Makes Soap So Pure Like Rain (Draft 2)]

We know alienation, and
we will steal your youth, because
you are silly and plastic.

We Tell your youth it’s chic
and they fight for nonsense;

teenagers and twenty-somethings are nuts
and we can easily make them
crazy fanatics with the chic courses
of our collaborators across the sea

The Ivy League
teaches them to hate America

Wonderful how the little dears
answer questions. “Who is
a greater threat to the world —
America or ISIS?”

Harvard students on campus:
“America.” And
to thee we sing and recruit.

Oh crazy elegant children
we love how you will kill
for us because

your professors and Imams
have gone mad, and

jihad is romantic.

Would parents notice
that you are ignoble,
suicidal and nuts; no
you are well educated

No, you have become
mindless, and

Mothers we thank you for
sending the darlings to Harvard
to learn to hate America, to
find religion of a twisted kind

These kids are nuts
and they will kill many.

Remember there is a professor
who they believe (mistakenly)
told them to kill innocents, because
of past crimes of the US and of
imaginary things

So many great lectures, because
everything is relative. And
we of course are noble savages
victims of colonialism and
capitalism. Go native
young man, go savage
but never go West
with Horace Greeley
or greed

Harvard students: “American is a bigger threat to world peace than ISIS”

Harvard Students Think America Bigger Threat

Harvard Students Gone Nuts

— Douglas Gilbert