Being Where We Sing (draft 1)

Being Where We Sing

If you can’t listen to what I’m saying
If you can’t be out of your mind

let me say that when you’re an animal
I respect your passion, because
when I’m in a mischievous mood
there can be no rectitude except that
I love you, and

why not
be hot

it’s a matter of

I know you love me
I know I love you

Good times!

You’re such a clever girl
can stir me to twirl about you

Oh come flower
come take a shower

Good times!

I know you love me
I know I love you

No sense inferring
when I’m concurring
that there’s not good times

to be making and
I’m not talkin’ bacon

good times to stake a claim
to grill a steak and
make a sizzle with you
because there’ll be a shish kabob

with hot peppers and mushrooming
time and thyme, cumin and coming

If you can’t listen to what I’m saying
just be out of your mind, ’cause
I won’t mind
it’ll be fine, and then

there’ll be an exclamation
a conversation and

but these good times
I’d rather dance with you
happy senseless

can you make me blush,
oh I love your touch

good times
and I know you know it
and we’ll talk

happy days
that won’t be sorrow

If you don’t know what I’m saying
you can just be out of your mind
’cause I won’t mind, and
I know what you mean
when you cry for me

I’m here, no really

Tell me
forever, and
I’ll endeavor
to be out of my mind for you

just smile me kindly
and I will understand
the wild touch

— Douglas Gilbert