Essay by Ali Khamenei, Guest Author : Nuclear talks between Iran and the 5+1 Powers (Prose)

Nuclear Talks in Geneva Failure

[ The Supreme Leader of Iran has requested space on this blog for a short essay on the condition that I do not post a cartoon of him. Since I’m not a cartoonist, I have agreed to that condition. However, note that the opinions expressed here are only the opinions of the guest author. ]

Guest Author Essay

Nuclear Talks
    by Ali Khamenei
 The Supreme Leader of Iran

There were seven hours of tête-à-tête between Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarid and US Secretary of State John Kerry. Although Kerry brought a violinist who played “Hearts and Flowers” and also translated, there was just the bumping of heads.

There seem to have been complications in the nuclear talks in Geneva, the Arrogant Ones popping the bubble of faux optimism until by January 18th, the propaganda splash lay on the ground like a moribund water balloon. We made a little list of centrifuges, but the Great Satan’s head kept spinning, and John Kerry would not employ an exorcist to remove the sanctions, nor would his translator put down her violin.

We do not see that John Kerry is willing to hold out an olive branch. He still has secret meetings with the wild dogs of the Zionist entity and oppresses our dear friends of Hamas in Palestine.

Foreign Minister Zarif has said Iran holds out a Medlar branch: The Islamic Republic is prepared to accept any agreement that respects the Iranian people’s Allah-given rights to Uranium atoms for peace, prepared to accept any document that will allow us to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. When our Islamic scientists will have given us nuclear missiles, we will never use them to strike a human being, but we must be able to defend ourselves against wild dogs.

John Kerry’s obstinacy is like Medlar fruit: it must be rotted away before we can use him. The Great Satan and all other infidels are to be used and not loved. Once bletted of their arrogance they can submit to the cooking of a treaty.

— Ali Khamenei