A drab photo I had that I’ve tried to rescue. It was all marble and slate color… so I added some odd little colors..


Z Abstract Gif

It might be finished enough as a Gif to convert it to an Avi video so my camera program can further edit. I’ll see if it’s going to be adequate. The resolution might be too low to do it, but I’ll see. Maybe I took it up and back from video to gif and back again too many times… I don’t know… I always get something wrong in each format but my art program has a different editing system from the camera system… and each has its different faults and inspirations…



There is a desert where
the famous Camel lived

He suffered “the straw
that broke the Camel’s back.”

Poor Charlie the camel;
he knows about
the lachrymal dam

He’s been flooded
with letters from fans

But it doesn’t address
his problems
his burdens

He’s found no oasis
in the purportedly
new dry desert of
milk and wine with
air conditioning, and
soda straws

On a hump day
a scorpion named Noah
dreamed it would rain spit
and wine with seltzer

Charlie had flashbacks
and sorry sorrows
drinking soda with a straw

There was a drop in the reservoir
the last tear