Clifford H. Jones III Writes Himself

They said
Be legendary
be fearless
have courage ’cause
it’s only in your mind, and
rock climbing is fun

So I’m writing this poem
from a ledge
allegedly not dead yet
but I think my leg is broken

They said after all
climbing a cliff is safe
except for a Cliff apparently
or the naysayer Clifford
who is a brave ace fighter
they say
———- Poem by Douglas Gilbert

    The ancient language is a difficult thing to analyze, and I must resort to imperfect analogies written in our crude English to attempt a translation of the major features of its expression. Actually, I suppose what I’m calling “major features” are actually minor elements of the real manifestation that is purported to have existed. So anyway, I might propose a feature that I will call the “goal or opinion space” which I will begin to endeavor to be a cluster of meaningful concepts perhaps giving hints at the structure of the ancient language in its elementary form that was intended for children.

There is a tendency for a person to cling to an established goal or opinion, to only observe and remember that which would confirm that belief, and to ignore or distort that which would refute that belief or interfere with an important goal. This core goal or belief is indicated here as the Goal 0. There is a position vector R which designates a particular goal or opinion point on a path to be fulfilled. A peer pressure force (F) can alter the direction of travel towards a goal. I’ll come back to this later and add it as an edit here… [I’m going to look at what this looks like so far, and I suppose it’s best to post something before a crash or whatever… (I’ll be back here later)]

Where m = the number of people holding a particular opinion or goal, and
    v = the velocity with which the people are moving towards that goal

2 thoughts on “The Goal Space of Utd’mbts

  1. Well, I don’t know if I should move on to a different vocabulary set, because this attempt was very hard for me. The last time I took Math was almost 50 years ago and I don’t remember very much. I looked through an old Math book, and after I got over sneezing from all the dust, my eyes thought I was looking at gibberish, or Greek or hieroglyphics. My old physics book had less dust but it had a different approach to the same subject which looked like it would take too long to get used to the jargon. But I suppose it’s what I was looking for, sort of, um, uh: short, abstract, and dense in meaning with just a few words or symbols. A concept language I’m supposing would have such characteristics.

  2. Hmm, I haven’t added the tags yet. I think before I do that I should write a poem on this subject whatever this subject is so I can add a poetry tag because I’ve noticed that I have mostly poetry followers who don’t look unless the subject tag is “poetry”. I don’t know. Maybe later.

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