Sail you though it’s
un-steady ahead, and
may the change in momentum
be with you, with
the wind a fickle beckon
the sail unfolding, but
let the lighthouse
give an opinion

    I was looking for some more analogies to use for explanatory purposes. There are many paraphrases of Newton’s Laws, but let me put the first one this way: an object tends to stay in the same motion as it was unless an external force makes it change. So too, people tend to stay on their course towards the confirmation of their established opinion unless acted on by an external force. So loosely, we could say that an object has a mass, m, and the people have the masses. An object can accelerate (a) in velocity, and the masses of people can accelerate in their motion towards an opinion.
    The value of the force necessary to change course is often given by that famous equation “F= ma“, where it can be seen that if an object does not continue as before along its merry way, but has a non-zero a (acceleration), meaning it’s continuously going faster or changing direction then a force must have been applied. If a force is applied, a mass of people may change the direction of their opinions.
    But, of course, as always, this is the simplified version. It assumes the mass is a constant and is extracted from a more complicated version. The original is closer to saying that the force equals the mass times “the rate of change” (d/dt) of the momentum (mv) of the object: F = (d/dt) mv. Or with the momentum called “p”, F= (d/dt) p. In the case of people, the momentum towards an opinion changes if an outside force is applied.
    I’ll come back to this later after I make a picture for the equation superscripts so that it’s neater, and I’ll make a picture for the opinion and motivation things. I forced myself to begin this essay even though it’s not complete because until this moment I was writing nothing. So maybe if I at least get started now at this moment, I’ll have the momentum to continue at an accelerated pace towards my goal later. Um, well, I think I’ll take a nap now. It must be the force of anxiety, and the unconscious thought of inevitable failure and doom. Or maybe I drank too much….
    (Is it really true that something is better than nothing…?” [To post or not to post (probably a moot question, if no one is in the forest to comment)]

2 thoughts on “Sail Salient (So maybe another approach to Utd’mbts)

  1. I always love reading your posts. Great analogy!
    My ship usually has something happen that keeps me from completing my journey. Either the sail doesn’t open, I spring a leak or a hurricane rolls through and makes travel impossible. I think wings would be more reliable, especially in matters concerning heart or sea. Maybe I just need a sailing partner to teach me the ropes and upper utd’mbts

    1. Thanks very much. Maybe after I do a list of random analogies I’ll see how I could develop a grammar of some kind to tie them altogether. Right now I don’t see any organizing principle…

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