The Fear and Anxiety Cluster (tentative examples) (Syndrome group x item 00)

    We can begin with a standardized jog or running task. The speed, distance, and duration can be specified. So we begin with “to run.”
    If I’m running at leisure for no purpose in a safe and pleasant environment, let’s say at particular speed for a given duration. The running task is easy. The negative physical stresses are minimal and negligible.
    If I’m running at the same speed, for the same distance, and let us say on a similar surface, wearing similar shoes, but I’m running to catch a train that I must make for an important appointment, then the task seems much more difficult. The performance is inferior to the leisure run even though the distance to be covered is the same. The performance will be inferior even if all other physical factors are the same (including food intake, time of day, running surface, starting physical condition etc.)
    So we can say there should be several words or concepts for “to run”:
00. pure running task.
01. running for a purpose.
    01a. running with stress
    01b. running with fear of failure
    01c. running with fear of tripping, crashing into someone, enduring an injury.
    01d. running with distraction.
… more….

The pure task has one level of difficulty. The perception of performance, or the actual performance will be very different. The difficulty and anxiety associated with the task will vary wildly even if the only requirement for the delineated task is to cover the prescribed distance in a given amount of time.

Play within a play: The task of writing this essay was at a very high anxiety level. (It’s not clear and won’t be understood, or read).

Perhaps then, a comment essay should follow, defining new concepts learned from this experience.
I’m sick. I’m done.

One thought on “The Linguistics and Etymology of Epoch II Z24A Texts from The Sacred Ofuye (Part 02)

  1. Anxiety makes everything so much harder and more difficult than it should be. I completely understand, I’ve been dealing with it a lot lately…for some reason the distance seems twice as far as it actually is and even though you know it’s the same, you get out of breath faster or get a cramp, or trip over a rock

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